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Sonic Solutions DVD Producer HD
DVD Producer HD. Advanced DVD Authoring for Creative Professionals. 
Something missing in your HD workflow? Deliver HD today using Sonic DVD Producer™ HD - the world's first high definition DVD authoring system. From Sonic - the World leader in DVD.

Capable of creating WMV HD DVD-ROM titles, DVD Producer HD is the solution your HD business has been waiting for. No more down-sampling for distribution, just stunning HD video and surround sound every time.

Encode your HD video and audio in real time, author your menus and navigation within DVD Producer HD's powerful authoring interface, and deliver to millions of HD-ready PCs installed worldwide.

Here's what you can do:

  • Deliver HD Video - Create DVDs with stunning high definition 720P or 1080P video content for playback on Windows® PCs.
  • Deliver HD Presentations - Communicate your vision with high definition – launch your next project, business or trade event with WMV HD DVD-ROM and increase the impact of your message.
  • Deliver HD Multimedia - Add WMV HD bonus material to your standard DVD title. A hybrid title with standard DVD-Video for playback on set-top players and HD content for playback on PCs is an exciting way to deliver your message.
  • Deliver HD Showreels - Distinguish your content – show it in HD. Send your client an HD showreel to really show your talents.
  • Deliver HD Dailies - No more down-conversion. Deliver your client’s rushes and dailies in full 1080P high definition video.
  • Create with Built-in Menu Compositor - Create motion menus quickly and easily with animated buttons, text entry and advanced effects, all in DVD Producer’s user friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Enjoy Distribution Security - Secure your work with Region Coding, CSS and APS Copy Protection.



Sonic Solutions DVDit Pro 6
DVDit Pro 6 is professional DVD authoring software from Sonic Solutions—the world's leading provider of DVD creation tools. No other solution delivers powerful studio-caliber DVD authoring in a more intuitive customizable work environment which includes the eDVD web content integrator, an exclusive Sonic technology. DVDit’s powerful new multi-window user interface supports dual-monitor configurations and allows you to customize the authoring environment to your exact needs.

With DVDit Pro you can build complex multi-language DVD titles, create movies with up to 8 audio and 32 subtitle tracks, program sophisticated interactive behaviors such as menu and title button behavior, set the default audio and subtitle stream when linking to movies, and control end actions for all objects. Use DVDit Pro's "playlist" feature to build sophisticated playback sequences and even combine slideshows and movies using playlists for a seamless multimedia presentation.

Designed for specialist video users, DVDit Pro supports essential professional mastering features such as VBR transcoding; 5.1 Dolby Digital; output to DVD, DVD-9 and DLT; region coding and copy protection.

Here's what you can do:

  • Customize your workspace using multi-windows
    DVDit 6 features a flexible easy-to-use workspace, completely customizable to your individual creative needs. You can create workspace layouts optimized for specific jobs (like movie editing or menu design), or spread things out by taking advantage of the dual-monitor support.
  • eDVD Web and Multimedia Content Integration – Only from Sonic!
    Deliver web-based content directly into the DVD viewing experience of your audience. Link your DVD menus to Hi-Definition Video, High Resolution Stills, MP3s, Flash, Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Executables or virtually any other type of file.
  • Manage your projects with more flexibility
    The new Project Window gives you a detailed view of your entire project at a single glance. You can collapse and expand object views for easy management of complex projects, re-order your slideshows and menu buttons and even build custom playlists on the fly without leaving the window.
  • Incorporate multiple audio and subtitle tracks in your DVD
    Create up to 8 audio tracks and 32 subtitle tracks per movie using DVDit Pro’s powerful movie timeline. Easily produce multi-region DVD titles with alternate languages, commentary tracks, large format captions for the visually impaired, description text, and more.
  • Integrate Professional Subtitle Editing
    Create entire subtitle tracks from scratch, or by importing subtitle scripts from third-party applications. Choose subtitle color, font, size, style and position, and apply changes to one or all subtitles simultaneously to instantly conform your subtitles to a consistent look and feel.
  • Create superior slideshows
    Featuring up to 999 images per slideshow, manual advance, transitions, sequenced audio tracks, and auto-fit images to music.
  • Personalize your DVD
    Customize menu templates or create complete menus from scratch using layered Photoshop files, individual images, buttons, frames, masks and other graphic objects. Color, opacity, rotation, layout, alignment, and distribution tools facilitate detailed customization of graphic elements, while comprehensive text editing tools allow you to design text treatments right on the menu.
  • Create OpenDVDs or edit your DVDs
    OpenDVD allows users to create DVDs and edit them later, without going back to the hard disc. Users can update older DVDs created with MyDVD, adding new movies, slideshows, playlists, and more.
  • Utilize DVDit’s advanced controls
    Advanced menu and movie controls make DVDit stand out from the crowd. Select movie segments to use as motion menus using the Menu Start and End controls, adjust the relative display time of button sub-pictures in menus, control how your menu backgrounds are scaled, import chapter point information from video editing applications, correct video, audio and subtitle synchronization using DVDit’s unique "track offset controls," and much more.
  • Control your DVD behavior
    Unlike "cookie cutter" DVD authoring applications, DVDit allows you to control the exact playback behavior of the disc. Set any menu, movie, or slideshow as "first play" and easily create "end-actions" that determine what your DVD displays and when. Sequence all the movies and slideshows on your disc for continuous playback. Create timed auto-play menus that start the DVD without any viewer interaction. With DVDit Pro, you can give every DVD you author its own unique personality.



Adobe Encore DVD 2.0
Give your DVD production the edge it deserves with Adobe® Encore® DVD 2.0 software. Create slide shows with background audio and special visual effects. Design DVD navigation with the help of a visual flowchart of menu and content links. Place multiple video clips and images on your timeline for quick assembly and seamless playback. Step up to Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 today.

Create powerful DVDs with ease

  • Slideshow Editor
    Build and arrange slide shows with ease. Define shows as browsable or autoplay with optional narration or music. Set slide durations, add transitions, and apply pan-and-zoom effects.
  • Flowchart
    Define and view your DVD's navigation by using a visual flowchart representation of all points and links.
  • Automated chapter menus
    Create multipage menus automatically from chapters or slide shows in your project.
  • Royalty-free templates and menu art
    Jump-start DVD menu creation using the many royalty-free templates, motion menus, and other included artwork files.
  • DTS audio support
    Increase your audio format options with support for DTS audio.
  • Closed-caption support
    Import line 21 files to add closed captions to your DVDs (applies to NTSC titles only).
  • Easy chapter point addition
    Use a single command to add chapter points at fixed intervals, enabling viewers to skip quickly through content.

Work smarter with intelligent workflow

  • Updated user interface with workspace panels that dock and group
    Organize your desktop quickly with workspace panels that dock and group. Move divider lines between panels to adjust your layout quickly, with no need to resize multiple windows.
  • Adobe Bridge
    Browse, organize, and preview content files, and then drag and drop what you need right from Adobe Bridge. Search by or edit XMP metadata such as keywords, language, and format.
  • Chapter Playlists
    Use Chapter Playlists to create different play orders without duplicating content. The disc space saved can enable the use of lower compression for higher quality video.
  • Multiple clips on a timeline
    Save time with easy assembly of multiple video clips on a timeline. There's no need for a separate video editing application to achieve seamless playback of multiple clips.
  • XMP metadata support
    Use XMP metadata to quickly identify assets or automate tasks. View and edit XMP metadata from within the project panel in Encore DVD, or use metadata keywords to search for files in Adobe Bridge.

Design with total freedom and control

  • Menu replacement layers
    Specify locations for graphic objects in a menu template by using replacement layers. Objects dropped on replacement layers scale to fit the size designated in the layer.
  • Slide show audio
    Add audio to your slide show and automatically adjust slide durations to match the total audio time. Add or delete slides, and slide durations automatically adjust to the correct length.
  • Slide show transitions
    Spice up your slide shows with the same collection of visual transitions found in Adobe Premiere® Pro 2.0 software.
  • Slide show pan and zoom
    Bring your slide shows to life with pan-and-zoom effects that let you focus on the key areas of interest within your images.
  • Rotate tool
    Rotate objects in the Menu window with fine control using the Rotate tool.



Ulead DVD Workshop 2
Ulead® DVD Workshop™ 2 is powerful and intuitive authoring software for professional DVD creation. The straightforward workflow and design-centric interface guides you through the steps needed to create dynamic DVDs. It offers sophisticated tools for complex menu navigation, multiple subtitles, and multiple audio tracks with support for Dolby® Digital audio. Capture and directly encode any format video to superb-quality MPEG, and preview multi-layered composited motion menus in real-time. Produce quality DVDs in most formats, including DLT or DVD-9. DVD Workshop 2 guarantees creative professionals a maximum return on investment, with a minimal learning curve.

Innovative Workflow

  • Work more productively with the visually intuitive storyboard interface. Follow the guided workflow to create professional DVDs in half the time.

Design-centric Approach

  • Design dynamic DVDs with the extensive set of built-in tools. Create and modify text, menu layouts and titles - all in the same application.

Professional Technology

  • Add multiple subtitle and audio tracks, including Dolby® Digital audio. Import assets from a variety of formats and output to DVD, DLT, or DVD-9 with encryption & region coding.



Ulead DVD Workshop Express
Ulead® DVD Workshop™ Express is powerful and intuitive authoring software for corporate and personal use. Create dynamic DVDs with two subtitle and audio tracks, with maximum efficiency and creativity. Based on the award winning DVD Workshop™ 2, it was designed for corporate & personal use while retaining almost all of the features. Click here to compare them both.

Innovative Workflow

  • Work more productively with the visually intuitive storyboard interface. Follow the guided workflow to create professional DVDs in half the time.

Design-centric Approach

  • Design dynamic DVDs with the extensive set of built-in tools. Create and modify text, menu layouts and titles - all in the same application.

Professional Technology

  • Add multiple subtitle and audio tracks, including Dolby® Digital audio. Import assets from a variety of formats and output to DVD, DLT, or DVD-9 with encryption & region coding.



Ulead DVD Movie Factory 4 Disc Creator
Your One-Stop CD & DVD Burning Solution

Ulead® DVD MovieFactory™ 4 Disc Creator is the quick and easy way to make great DVD movies, music discs and write data on DVDs or CDs. Create motion menus with free moving, resizable buttons. Shrink your DVD-9 to fit on a DVD-5. Your final DVD will be compatible with virtually all DVD players.

Get it Anywhere

  • Capture & Import
    Use any video captured from camcorders, VHS tapes, DVD recorders, TV programs and the Internet. You can even include photos.

Create & Express

  • Pro Technology for Great Movies 
    Take advantage of the latest technology to design personalized, fun-to-watch DVDs with speed and unlimited creativity.

Burn & Share

  • The Power of Sharing 
    Enjoy and share professional-looking movies with motion menus - compatible with most DVD players or computers.



Sony DVD Architect 3  (Available exclusively with Vegas 6)
Powerful DVD Creation
Nothing beats DVD Architect software for professional DVD authoring. Its clean, drag-and-drop interface and powerful layout and authoring tools make it easy to develop dynamic menu-based DVDs, movies, picture slideshows, and music compilations. Included with the Vegas+DVD Production Suite, DVD Architect software works seamlessly within the Vegas environment.
  • Professional DVD design and authoring
    Author professional menu-based DVDs using backgrounds, motion menus, buttons, text and effects. Use programmable end actions to set DVD content to loop, hold, or timeout at the end of a scene change. Create DVDs with subtitles, multiple languages and running commentary.
  • Powerful DVD layout tools
    The project overview window in DVD Architect™ 3 software provides a hierarchical view of all the menus and titles in a DVD project. View end actions, quickly delete, add or rename a menu or title, or set the DVD introduction media. DVD Architect 3 software has a fully customizable interface to optimize workflow.
  • Adobe Photoshop layer support New!
    For the ultimate in control over the appearance of your project, you can import an Adobe® Photoshop® (PSD) file to create menus, buttons, and more.
  • Multiple audio track support
    Produce DVDs containing multiple languages, alternate music beds and Director's commentary. DVD Architect 3 allows up to eight different audio tracks for each title. Also add multiple audio tracks to videos and picture slideshows.
  • Subtitle creation and support
    Create and edit frame-accurate subtitles within the DVD Architect 3 interface by exporting text regions using Vegas software, and importing them into the DVD Architect interface. Subtitles display on-screen during movies, slideshows, and music compilations. Text files can be translated for use as alternate language subtitles in a project to create DVDs containing multiple languages. Subtitles can also be imported from a text file or third-party subtitling application. DVD Architect 3 supports up to 32 subtitle tracks for each title (16 tracks for widescreen).
  • 5.1-channel AC-3 encoding
    Output surround mixes by encoding 5.1 multichannel or stereo projects with the Sony Pictures Dolby® Digital® AC-3 encoder. DVD Architect software also imports AC-3 files for the creation of multichannel 5.1 DVDs.
  • Customizable user interface
    Customize the DVD Architect environment to fit your workflow. Dock multiple windows and float them anywhere on your workspace — especially useful when working on a system with dual monitors.
  • Smart project reprepare New!
    Now it is faster and easier to edit a previously prepared project. Using new technology, DVD Architect 3 software can now recognize and prepare only the changed portions of the project — saving you valuable time.
  • Project playlists New!
    You can use playlists to play a sequence of movies, chapter markers, music compilations, or picture compilations. A playlist works much like a slideshow — the list of entries is played start to finish and an end-action defines the go-to point after the playlist is finished.
    Programmable end actions for menus and media
    Create customizable end actions for menus and buttons in your DVD project. Set DVD content to loop, hold, or timeout at the end of a button or scene change. Set multiple end actions for a single menu item without rendering the file.
  • Project overview window
    The project overview window in DVD Architect 3 software provides a hierarchical tree view of all the menus and titles in your DVD project, providing an instant overview of your entire DVD. Quick navigation allows you to add, move, delete, or rename a menu or title, set the DVD introduction media with ease, and view end actions.
  • Jacket picture creation New!
    A DVD player can display a "Jacket picture" (an image contained on the DVD disc) when the DVD player is in "stop" mode.
  • Media effects New!
    Apply image-correction filters to media files to fine-tune still images and video. Filters include Brightness and Contrast, Levels, Auto Levels, Crop, and Anti-Flicker.
  • Dual-layer authoring and burning support New!
    The DVD+R DL format allows users of drives such as the Sony DRU-700A to burn DVD discs containing up to 8.5 GB of data. Most DVD players will be able to play DVD+R DL DVD discs.
  • DVD mastering tools New!
    DVD Architect 3 software adds support for export of DLT, DDP, and CMF — the common packaging formats required by professional duplicators.
  • Asset behavior control
    DVD Architect 3 software lets you specify behaviors for links, highlight masks, destination buttons, custom color sets, remote behaviors and much more.
  • Flash™ .SWF format import
    Import Flash (.swf) formats into a DVD Architect 3 project and combine with other events to create spectacular DVD motion backgrounds and effects.
  • Copy-protection tools New!
    Support for setting CSS (Content Scramble System) and Macrovision® (Type I, II, and III) copy-protection flags when creating masters.
  • Multiangle video selection New!
    You can add multiple video tracks to videos to add support for multiple viewing angles. During playback, press the Angle button on the remote control to change angles. You can add up to eight video tracks for each title.
  • Multiangle video selection New!
    You can add multiple video tracks to videos to add support for multiple viewing angles. During playback, press the Angle button on the remote control to change angles. You can add up to eight video tracks for each title.
  • Real-time external monitor preview via i.LINK connector/IEEE-1394
    Ensure your DVD project looks the way you intended. Preview your DVD project in real-time while simultaneously viewing on an external monitor via i.LINK connector/IEEE-1394 devices. View safe areas and fine-tune subtitles and object positioning in real-time. Simulate different aspect ratios including letterbox and anamorphic widescreen.
  • DVD disc optimization
    Optimize projects to make the best use of disc space. DVD Architect software analyzes source material, and provides fit-to-disc adjustable compression in your project on a file-by-file basis.
  • Picture slideshows and music compilations
    Drag, drop, and arrange stills in the DVD Architect interface. Create personalized music compilations that display text and images, or add background music to stills to enhance presentations.
  • Elementary stream import
    Import MPEG elementary stream MPEG-2 files. No additional conversion is necessary.
  • 24p DVD encoding
    Prepare and create 24p DVD projects. DVD Architect provides support for 24p MPEG files and preparation of 24p DVDs.
  • Fit to disc compression
    Automatically adjust the project video bit rate to fit your DVD project onto 4.7 GB DVD media. Only video and audio that requires additional recompression will be adjusted. If a project cannot fit on a disc, DVD Architect software lets you modify settings on a file-by-file basis to ensure proper size.
  • Enhanced optimization tools
    DVD Architect 3 software includes recompress settings, allowing per-asset control of bitrate estimation, aspect ratio, resolution, frame-rate, confirmation of no-recompress and more.
  • Extensive DVD burner support
    DVD Architect software supports the latest devices including DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW drives.
  • Theme export New!
    Automate the process of creating custom themes. The characteristics of a menu (backgrounds, button placement, images, etc.) can be saved and added to the themes window.