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Avid / Softimage XSI 3D Character Animation
Introducing SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0, the digital character software designed with a gigapolygon core to handle ten times the detail for next-generation productions and take full advantage of 64-bit platforms.

Acclaimed for its ease of use, XSI v5.0 introduces a comprehensive set of migration tools for Maya users. New interface layouts and navigation modes let artists transfer their existing skills and muscle memory to XSI, and migrate in days, not weeks.

Going far beyond normal maps, XSI v.5.0 introduces “Ultimapper” for film-quality effect maps with a single-click workflow. Ultimapper generates normal, ambient occlusion, difference, parallax, light, and albedo maps from arbitrarily complex models using the full power and cinematic quality of mental ray rendering.

A core component at the heart of Avid Computer Graphics solutions, XSI v.5.0 allows 3-D art teams to achieve richer results more quickly. Combined with Alienbrain® Studio, the scalable asset management system and powerful Avid editing and compositing workstations, the flexibility of Avid Computer Graphics solutions make it easier and more affordable to bring order to complicated creative workflows.

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$ 495.00 XSI Foundation   
XSI Essentials
$6995.00 XSI Advanced

Autodesk / Alias Maya 3D Character Animation
The world‘s most powerful 3D modeling, animation & rendering solution

Whether you create content for blockbuster films, award-winning games, broadcast spots, print advertising, product packaging, commercial visualizations, multimedia videos, corporate websites, or any other professional arts application.

Maya®7 will enable you to:

  • Produce unsurpassed character animation.
  • Model breathtaking environments that incorporate sophisticated texture maps.
  • Optimize scenes without loss of detail.
  • Realize the 2D Toon look of comic books, cartoons, manga and anime.
  • Create spectacular clothing, fur or long hair for characters.
  • Manage multiple render passes from within a single scene and produce
    compositor-ready render layers.
  • Move data quickly back and forth between Maya and Adobe® Photoshop® or Adobe Illustrator®.
  • Import high-performance CAD data.
  • Manage complex scenes, collaborative workflows and massive datasets more efficiently.
  • Preview hardware shaders written for next-generation games
  • Create Macromedia Flash® web pages that take advantage of Smart Layers.


New Features & Enhancements deliver such benefits as:

Unsurpassed Character Rigging and Posing
The integration of the Alias MotionBuilder® industry-leading full-body IK solver into Maya makes rigging and posing characters faster, easier and more accurate.

Integration with Essential Production Tools
The workflow between Maya and Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash and popular CAD applications is streamlined.

Productivity Tools
Numerous productivity-enhancing tools make it easier for artists to collaborate, model, and create sophisticated textures and visual effects.

Powerful Visual Effects Tools
A new Toon Shader makes it easier than ever for Maya artists to create painterly effects, and mimic the look of traditional 2D comic books, cartoons and Japanese manga/anime.

With Maya 7 you get two purchase options:

Maya Complete 7 includes:

  • Advanced User Interface Tools
    such as marking menus and 3D manipulators provide easy access to functionality and speed workflow.
  • Modeling and Texturing
    Maya gives you access to a full suite of advanced Polygon, NURBS and Subdivision Surface modeling and texturing tools.
  • Animation
    Animators gain a comprehensive range of keyframe, non-linear and advanced character animation editing tools for creating, animating, adapting and repurposing animation data and editing realistic digital characters.
  • Visual Effects
    Dynamic interaction of hard and soft bodies determined by physics, as well as industryleading particle tools and a new Toon Shader allow artists to achieve a wide range of visual effects.
  • Brush-Based Technologies
    Maya Paint Effects™, Maya Artisan, and 3D Paint offer a unique,
    award-winning suite of integrated pressure-sensitive brush tools for modeling, creating 2D and 3D effects, and painting on geometry and textures.
  • Rendering
    A unified UI and workflow provide easy and consistent access to the Maya software, hardware and vector renderers, mental ray for Maya and mental ray for Maya network rendering (Satellite).
  • Maya API/SDK and MEL™
    Maya ships with development resources for customizing and extending
    the software’s capabilities via the renowned Maya embedded scripting language and a full Application Programmers’ Interface.

Maya Unlimited 7 includes everything in Maya Complete, PLUS:

  • Maya Fluid Effects™
    The simulation and rendering of a huge variety of atmospheric, pyrotechnic,
    viscous liquid, and open ocean effects overcomes one of the greatest barriers in computer animation.
  • Maya Cloth
    The fastest and most accurate cloth software solution lets you simulate a wide variety of digital clothing and fabric objects.
  • Maya Hair
    Maya comes with tools for the creation, styling and rendering of fully dynamic long hair on NURBS or polygon objects. Includes the ability to make any NURBS curve dynamic for use in advanced character rigging and effects.
  • Maya Fur
    You can obtain incredibly realistic styling and rendering of short hair and fur, aided by an integrated Maya Artisan™ brush interface for painting fur attributes.
  • Maya Live
    Maya gives you the ability to seamlessly match 3D elements in Maya with original live-action footage.



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Maya Complete
$6999.00 Maya Unlimited

Zaxwerks Pro Animator 3D Animation Application & Plug-In
Forget everythying you've ever heard about 3D animation!
This is what you've been waiting for!

Create and animate titles and logos with real-time interactive feedback. It's no longer slow nor difficult to create great looking 3D for your projects!

Time. Money. Quality.

Pick Three

Traditionally adding high quality 3D animation to a video project has been a time consuming and expensive process. Further it has required a specialized set of skills to use the complex 3D animation products currently available. ProAnimator is a must-have appliation that breaks new ground by giving video editors a way to easily create stylish 3D animations in the editing suite, with familiar looking tools and methods.



Ulead Cool 3D Production Studio
Ulead® COOL 3D Production Studio is a new breed of 3D animation software for high-quality video production. Streamline your 3D text and graphics with advanced tools to produce professional-looking animation.


Sophisticated 3D Objects
Design sophisticated 3D text and objects with intuitive tools. You can use pre-made shapes and styles or create them by scratch. COOL 3D™ Production Studio imports the most popular 2D and 3D file formats.

Powerful Effects & Animation Control
Drag and drop hundreds of customizable backdrops and animation effects. Apply video backgrounds and add audio to your creations. Use magic, natural texture and particle effects for dynamic-looking animations.

Professional Output
COOL 3D™ Production Studio exports files out to a variety of formats -- video files, alpha-channel video overlays, Web animations, images, and 3D models. You can also import a COOL 3D™ Production Studio project file into Ulead video editors' timelines.

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