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JVC GY-HD 100U 3CCD HDV Pro Camcorder
JVC's ProHD opens up the world of HD digital cinematography with the introduction of the GY-HD100U. True high definition recording on inexpensive and reliable tape, or optionally onto hard disk, and real 24 frame progressive capture give this camera performance characteristics found only in high end cinematography cameras.

Professional form factor: beauty that's more than skin deep 
One look at the GY-HD100U reveals the obvious: this is not a 'prosumer' camcorder, nor is it a derivative of a consumer model. Controls and switches are laid out in the same manner as on higher end production cameras. Because of extensive customization capabilities there are menus, but critical performance controls are right at your fingertips where you expect them. Deep inside the GY-HD100U is a truly advanced progressive camera that sets a new benchmark in the industry. 

Film-Like 24 frame progressive capture and recording: 
24 frames per second progressive acquisition produces recorded images that have a more polished, film-like appearance than typical interlaced video cameras. That's why virtually all high end digital cinematography cameras utilize the 24P system. The GY-HD100U uses three newly developed 1/3-inch native high definition CCDs that produce a more refined HD look without scaling. Since the native 24 frame material is recorded to tape, it is possible to transfer the recordings to film without frame rate conversion. Time code is recorded in the 24P mode, so recordings made with the GY-HD100U can be edited with film based and high end digital systems with ease. 

Bayonet Mount Interchangeable Lenses:
The GY-HD100U includes a standard detachable 16x Servo Fujinon ProHD lens. Operation is the same as with all professional lenses, with mechanical control of focus, zoom and iris functions. The built-in servo zoom and iris functions can also be used if desired. Other available lens options include a 13x (3.5mm) wide zoom HD lens, a wide-angle converter for the standard 16x lens, an adapter allowing ½-inch lenses to be used on the camera and a filter kit. JVC offers rear tripod mounted focus and zoom controls for the standard lenses. Prime lenses can also be used with a 3rd party adapter. 

Focus Assist Function: 
People viewing high definition pictures are often able to see focusing errors that would normally go unnoticed in standard definition. Therefore, it is important to precisely focus every scene. For this reason, JVC has developed and patented a ?focus assist? function that highlights detail in the viewfinder to facilitate HD focusing. 

Extensive user adjustable parameters: 
Creating a true cinematographic look involves more than just recording at 24 frames per second. The camera's gamma, detail and black levels can be adjusted to the user's preference. When combined with the correct lens filters and lighting techniques, film like performance can be obtained that's tailored to the mood of the scene. There is even a skin tone detection feature that automatically reduces the amount of enhancement in facial areas so that your subjects will not have a wrinkled, television-like appearance. All custom settings can be stored on an inexpensive SD memory card and transferred to another camera if desired. 

Superior signal processing: 
JVC's advanced DSP and 12-bit A/D conversion gives the GY-HD100U the characteristics of a high end production camera. Depending on the mood, black levels can be compressed or stretched. 

Progressive Scanning:
The GY-HD100U utilizes a progressive scanning system similar to that used in all high end digital cinema cameras. Progressive scanning systems capture and store full frames of information and can be easily converted to interlace signals if desired. When progressive recordings are frozen or played in slow motion, individual frames contain the full detail--excellent for viewing and analyzing motion. Prints that are made from HD progressive frame grabs look far better than typical frame grabs. What's more, all flat panel television displays and fixed matrix projectors, such as D-ILA, DLP and LCD, are native progressive scanning systems and eliminate the need for conversion when displaying GY-HD100U progressive recordings. 

Advanced encoding system from the leader in MPEG-2 technology 
JVC is one of the original developers of the MPEG-2 compression system. MPEG-2 is an 'interframe' encoding system that combines multiple frames of digital picture data into a group of pictures (GOP). It then removes redundant informaton from the GOP resulting in far greater efficiency than with 'intraframe' systems, such as DV, that compress every frame separately. JVC pioneered high definition MPEG-2 recording with its D-VHS format--used by major motion picture studios for screening and playback of dailies. JVC's advanced MPEG-2 codecs are used by major television networks and satellite providers. In the GY-HD100U JVC has utilized a highly efficient MPEG-2 codec that compresses the full HD resolution without the 'downsizing the image' used by some competitors. 

Reliable Dual Media Recording Capability: 
The GY-HD100U adheres to the HDV™ format adopted by JVC and other manufacturers. Compressed MPEG-2 data is recorded on widely available MiniDV cassettes. Since tape speed is identical to DV, a 63 minute DV cassette will yield 63 minutes of high definition recording. Furthermore, critical image data is interleaved over the entire 6 frame GOP (corresponding to 60 tracks on the tape) giving the HDV™ format great robustness with respect to dropouts. In addition to recording on reliable, inexpensive tape, the GY-HD100U can simultaneously record directly to an optional hard disk module, the DR-HD100. In addition to providing an instantaneous back-up recording, recordings made on the hard disk can be accessed directly by popular non-linear editing systems eliminating the need for file transfer. This Direct To Edit™ feature (DTE™) provides producers with a take-away tape copy while providing editors with the ability to begin editing immediately. 

2 XLR Audio Inputs: 
Professional XLR connectors are provided for each audio channel. The GY-HD100U records CD quality audio at 384Kbps in the MPEG1 Layer 2 format. Independent input level controls are provided for each channel. Audio level indicators are visible in the viewfinder and on the flip-out LCD display. 

Compact shoulder mount: 
The first fully professional HD camcorder to feature a shoulder-type mount with a compact body, the GR-HD100U offers excellent mobility and enhanced usability. The exclusive shoulder-type mount assures ease of handling for anyone, regardless of physical strength. The shoulder pad and earphone position can be moved to fit to the cameraperson's head for a more stable shooting position. 

Smooth Motion Function: (patented) 
JVC's exclusive smooth motion function captures images at double the normal rate when shooting in 30p or 25p (that is, at 60p or 50p). When the doubled images are merged, they are passed through a newly developed filter that smoothes out the subject's motion by retaining a small percentage of residual image. This eliminates the motion judder that typically appear in images shot at 30p or 25p.

HDV™ and HDV™ logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC).
Direct To Edit™ and DTE™ are trademarks of Focus Enhancements, Inc.



Canon XL-H1 High Definition Camcorder
Whether you're a broadcast ENG producer, documentary, feature, or commercial videographer, the XL H1 is the affordable, lightweight HD camcorder you've been waiting for. Its Superior Canon Optics and exceptional image processing give you a brilliant HD image. The XL H1 also features uncompressed HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) and SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M) output, as well as Genlock input and SMPTE time code input and output for multi-camera shoots. And, with its customizable open-architecture approach, selectable frame rates including 24F, and multiple output options, you've got exactly the right tool - every time. The XL H1 features total Cine control, customizable settings and a well-balanced design - for the creative control, flexibility and advanced capability your video work demands.

HD Resolution with Selectable Frame Rates:
The XL H1 delivers 1080i HD resolution, along with selectable frame rates of 60i, 30F and 24F. For high-speed subjects 30 Frame delivers spectacular clarity, 24 Frame gives the look and motion of film.

Professional JackPack:
For the professional videographer, the XL H1 gives you the capabilities you need -- no matter what the job, no matter what the facilities. Multi-camera shoots are no problem using Genlock synchronization or SMPTE time code input and output. Also provided are uncompressed HD-SDI and SD-SDI output. The XL H1's professional JackPack brings together all these capabilities, and lets you quickly and conveniently make the connection you need.

20x HD Video Lens:
Featuring Canon's XL lens mount, the XL H1's 20x HD lens gives you outstanding resolution, contrast, and color reproduction. What's more, the 38.9 -- 778mm lens is coupled with Canon's superb Super Range Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system. The sophisticated stabilization system corrects camera shake instantly for steady shots -- even when they're hand held at long focal lengths or taken with the camera in motion.

Previously, optical image stabilizers have used a gyro sensor to detect camcorder vibration. The data from the sensor would control a vari-angle prism that continuously corrected the path of the incoming light. Super Range goes one step further by examining the image after it is received by the CCD. The system detects low-frequency vibrations missed by the gyro and sends this data back to accelerate and refine the movement of the vari-angle prism. This greatly improves performance for low frequency vibration, resulting in the most advanced optical image stabilization available today.

And since the XL H1's OIS system is optical, there isn't the loss of image quality that is inevitable with electronic image stabilizers.

This lens also includes both Focus and Zoom Presets for repeatable focus or zoom moves.

Three Native 16:9 Image Sensors:
Building on the superior image quality of the industry-leading XL series, the XL H1 is built around a 3 CCD system with a separate native 16:9 CCDs for each primary color. With the XL H1, each 1/3" CCD has 1.67M pixels. The result is higher resolution, delivering outstanding picture quality, highly accurate color reproduction and a wide dynamic range with virtually no color noise.

Combination 16:9 EVF and LCD panel:
Whether you're gathering news on the run or shooting documentary footage in an exotic location, the XL H1's big and bright 2.4", 16:9 Electronic Viewfinder makes it is easy to operate your HD camcorder -- no matter what your shooting style -- and get the shot you need. Depending on your preference, the viewfinder can work in either EVF or LCD mode, and can be adjusted left to right, and forward to backwards.

Safe Area Markings (80%, 90%), Aspect Ratio Guides, B/W mode, Zebra Pattern (70 -- 100 IRE) make it easy to frame and check exposure, while Peaking and Magnifying Focus Help all assist you in composing your shot and getting the proper exposure.

With the 20x HD video lens and the XL H1, you can also utilize the Distance Readout System (in either feet or meters).

Custom Presets and Custom Keys:
Using the XL H1's six custom presets and two custom keys, you can quickly and easily retrieve previously defined picture and camera settings.

Six custom presets allow you to store different sets of camera adjustments, including: color gain, color phase, sharpness, setup level, V detail, color matrix, gamma, knee, black stretch and skin detail (hue, gain, area, Y level). Once saved, the presets are easily retrieved for duplicating a previously defined look.

Using the SD / MultiMediaCard slot you can store up to 20 Custom Presets and easily transfer them to another XL H1, and with the optional Console software, you can adjust all of the functions of the camcorder and transfer the Custom Presets to and from the camcorder. You can even send the presets by email to another XL H1 user.

With the XL H1, you can also define two custom keys, in both camera mode and VCR mode, giving you customized shooting modes that can be retrieved as needed.

SMPTE Time Code and Color Bars:
The XL H1 conforms to industry standards with SMPTE time code, as well as Drop, Non-Drop, Rec Run and Free Run modes.

The XL H1 also generates industry standard SMPTE color bars with a 1 KHz reference tone (-12dB or -20dB) for adjustment purposes, and for setting up video and audio monitors in a variety of production and editing situations. When used as a lead-in, the bars also allow for fast hand-off in the professional broadcast and film post-production environments.

Skin Detail:
The XL H1 gives you great control over hue, gain, area and Y level (+/- 6 steps). During setup EVF shows a zebra pattern over masking area flashes between picture and white-mask. During setup EE and IEEE1394 out flashes between picture and zebra pattern, enabling you to easily smooth out skin blemishes and wrinkles with total control.

4 Channel Audio:
The XL H1 provides 4 channel recording with independent control of levels for each channel. The HD camera's audio capabilities also include Locked or Unlocked in DV Recording.

Interface Connections:
The flexibility of the XL H1 ensures you have the connectivity you require -- whatever the project -- including:

  • BNC video
  • Component video
  • S-Video
  • Composite video
  • IEEE 1394
  • 2 Audio LR connections with Phantom power
  • Microphone terminal (3.5mm)
  • Headphone terminal (3.5mm)
  • LANC terminal
  • HD-SDI
  • Genlock
  • Time Code input and output

HDV Recording:
The XL H1 is capable of recording and playing back High Definition (HD) images using DV cassette tapes. The camcorder records in HDV1080i, and uses a Mode Select and a Frame Rate dial to select HD signals or SD signals and the frame rate.

The images recorded on the tape are configured as follows:

  • Under the "HDV1080i" (HDV) specifications, 1440 x 1080 (16:9) images in 60 fields (or 50 fields for PAL*) are recorded. (60i/50i recording)
  • Under the "HDV1080i" (HDV) specifications, 1440 x 1080 (16:9) images in 30 frames (or 25 frames for PAL*) are recorded. (30F/25F recording)
  • Under the "HDV1080i" (HDV) specifications, 1440 x 1080 (16:9) images in 24 frames are recorded. (24F recording)


Sony HVR-Z1U Professional 3CCD HDV Camcorder
New 3CCD 1080i HDV camcorder is here! The new HVR-Z1U features three newly developed Super HAD 1/3" CCDs. These new 16:9 native CCDs, combined with a high quality 12X Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar® T* Lens and Sony's new 14 bit A/D and DXP Digital Extended Processor, result in precise image acquisition with superb detail and clarity. The advanced CCD design allows more light to reach the pixel imager, reducing video noise and improving the signal-to-noise ratio. The new HVR-Z1U records this exceptional imagery using the recently adopted HDV 1080i format onto a DVCAM™ mini cassette. Please note that the directional shotgun microphone is not included with this camcorder. The Supplied Accessories are: AC-VQ850 AC Adaptor/Charger; Remote Commander® Unit RMT-841; A/V Cable; Component Video Cable; Shoulder Strap; Large Eyecup; Shoe Extender; Lens Hood with Integral Lens Cap; NPF-570 InfoLithium® "L" battery.
  • HDV 1080, 50i/60i/30F/25F Recording and Playback capable
  • 3-1/3" 16:9 newly developed Super HAD CCD Imagers, 1.12M Pixels Gross
  • High quality 12X Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens
  • Super SteadyShot® Optical Stabilization System
  • Non-Perpetual Manual Zoom Ring
  • Manual Focus Ring
  • Manual Iris Control w/24 steps
  • 3.5" (-viewable area, measured diagonally) 16:9 Hybrid LCD Display (250K Pixels)
  • Large 16:9 Color & B/W switchable EVF
  • Simultaneous use of EVF and LCD display
  • Built-in Wide Range Stereo Microphone
  • Balanced Audio XLR input connectors (x2) with Selectable
  • Phantom Power
  • 6 User Assignable Buttons for quick access to frequently used functions
  • i.LINK® DV Interface (IEEE1394)* (*i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used only to designate that a product contains an IEEE 1394 connector. All products with an i.LINK connector may not communicate with each other. Please refer to the documentation that comes with any device having an i.LINK connector for information on compatibility, operating conditions, & proper connection.
  • MPEG2 Real Time Encode System for real time processing of HD data
  • 14 Bit DXP (Digital Extended Processor) combines 14 bit A/D converter with an advanced camera processing system
  • Switchable HDV/DVCAM/DV Format Recording
  • 60i/50i (NTSC/PAL) switchable
  • Built-in HD to SD down conversion
  • Precision 16:9 SD DV recording
  • Expanded Focus Function for easy confirmation of focus setting during manual focusing
  • EVF & LCD Peaking Indicator
  • Advanced Zebra Indicator
  • CineFrame™ and Cinematone™ functions for cinema like recordings (25F/30F/24F)
  • Picture Profile™ feature offers 6 memory locations for storing important camera settings such as: color phase, skintone detail, auto iris limit, AWB sensitivity, Cinematone setting, & CineFrame setting
  • Shot Transition Function offers automatic transition of various shooting parameters between shots
  • CineFrame 24 meter 3:2 Pulldown Function
  • Hypergain Function
  • Analog/Digital Conversion with Pass-Through
  • Manual White Balance Adjustment
  • Manual gain switch with user assignable L/M/H settings
  • Handle mounted ZOOM/REC control
  • 3 position ND filter switch-explain-values (ND)
  • One button status check feature for easy confirmation of various parameters such as audio setup, output setup, assign button status, & Picture Profile setting
  • Personal Menu function allows the assignment of frequently used menu items for quick one button access
  • Battery Info function allows the battery's charge level and remaining run time to be checked with the camera's power turned off
  • Over 5 1/2 hours of operation on a single NPF-970 battery using the LCD and EVF simultaneously


Sony HVR-A1U Professional CMOS HDV Camcorder
The HVR-A1U 1080i HDV camcorder provides real 1080i HD acquisition, with superb image quality and comprehensive functionality for professional use, in a "handy" camcorder form factor. This new HDV camcorder will help to expand the adoption of HDV and lead the entry level HD market by providing a compact and low cost solution. The new HVR-A1U features a newly developed 1/3 inch C-MOS imager. This new 1920x1080 native imager is also capable of 3 mega-pixel still images. Combined with a high quality Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar® T* Lens and Sony's new 14 bit A/D and DXP digital Extended Processor, result in precise image acquisition with superb detail and clarity.. The new HVR-A1U records this exceptional imagery using the recently adopted HDV 1080i format onto a DVCAM™ mini cassette.
  • HDV 1080, 60i/30F/24F Recording and Playback capable
  • 1/3" 3 Mega-pixel newly developed C-MOS Imager
  • 1440x1080 Resolution with pixel shift
  • High quality 10X Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* Lens
  • Stabilization system
  • Manual Focus Ring
  • Histogram
  • 2.7" 16:9 Hybrid LCD Display with touch panel function
  • Simultaneous use of EVF and LCD display
  • Built-in Wide Range Stereo Microphone
  • Balanced Audio XLR input connectors (x2) w/selectable phantom power
  • User Assignable button
  • Expanded focus
  • Markers
  • Color Bars
  • Quick Rec Mode
  • Shot Transition
  • i.LINK® DV Interface (IEEE1394)
  • MPEG2 Real Time Encode System for real time processing of HD data
  • 14 Bit DXP (Digital Extended Processor) combines 14 bit A/D converter with an advanced camera processing system
  • Switchable HDV/DVCAM/DV (SP) Format recording
  • 60i/30frame/sec, 24 frame/sec with 2:3 pulldown switchable
  • Built-in HD to SD down conversion
  • Precision 16:9 SD DV recording
  • Expanded Focus Function for easy confirmation of focus setting during manual foucsing
  • EVF & LCD peaking indicator
  • Advanced Zebra Indicator
  • CineFrame™ and Cinematone™ functions for cinema like recordings (30F/24F)
  • Tele Macro function
  • Still image capture to Memory Stick Duo
  • Night Shot
  • Analog/Digital conversion with Pass-Through
  • LCD panel mounted ZOOM/REC controls
  • Battery Info function allows the battery's charge level and remaining run time to be checked with the camera's power turned off
  • Over 5 1/2 hours of operation on a single NP-QM91D battery using the LCD and EVF simultaneously.



Panasonic AG-HVX200 3CCD DVCPro HD P2 Camcorder
Puts a Host of Powerful Features in Your Hands
Panasonic has been a leader in developing video technologies for the production industry, including filmmaking, broadcasting and other professional applications. Now we have packed a wealth of our leading technologies into an exciting new camera-recorder.

This handheld DVCPRO HD P2 camera-recorder is designed to meet emerging needs in HD content production. It debuts as Panasonic's first HD video product to use P2, the cutting-edge memory recording device that has the potential to revolutionize the entire production paradigm. The AG-HVX200 records HD, either 1080i or 720p video acquired by a new optical system and high-performance digital signal processor onto a P2 card using the broadcasting DVCPRO HD codec. This system achieves a level of image quality that conventional handheld HD cameras simply cannot match, while also supporting HD/SD multi-format and multi-codec recording capabilities. Variable frame rate recording is just one of the features that makes the AG-HVX200 unique in its class. Using technologies that make the Panasonic VariCam camera-recorder a favorite in movie production, this powerful function allows the overcranking and undercranking techniques used with film cameras to create fast-motion and slow-motion effects. The P2 card offers superior reliability, immediate playback and outstanding cost-performance. It allows direct connection to nonlinear editing systems and streamlines the production work flow, by providing to the editing system data files ready to be edited, rather than a video tape which would require the task of digitizing.

On top of all its advanced features and technologies, the AG-HVX200 inherits the refined design and easy operation that distinguishes Panasonic's high-value DVX100 DV camera series. In the AG-HVX200, video professionals of all kinds will find a powerful tool for giving form to their creative visions.
  • True high definition image quality with low-compression DVCPRO HD intraframe recording 
  • Multiple formats: DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO, DV selectable 
  • High definition recording formats: 1080/60i, 1080/24p, 1080/24pA, 1080/30p, 720p (variable frame rates) 
  • standard definition recording formats: 480/60i, 480/24p, 480pA, 480/30p 
  • CineSwitchTM technology for variable frame rates in 720p mode: 12, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 32, 36, 48, 60fps 
  • 1/3" 16:9 native high-sensitivity progressive 3-CCD with 1080/60p scanning 
  • New DSP with 14-bit A/D conversion and 19-bit internal processing for unprecedented accuracy 
  • 16:9/4:3 switchable for standard definition recording, 16:9 native for HD
  • Wide angle Leica Dicomar HD lens with optical image stabilizer (motorized/manual mode switchable) 
  • High resolution 235,000 pixel .44" electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 90 degree tilt and detail function (for easier focusing) 
  • High resolution 210,000 pixel flip-out 270 degree 3.5" LCD display 
  • Thumbnail display for easy searching and file information 
  • Auto/manual focus with focus assist (even during recording)
  • Cam-driven manual zoom 
  • 13X zoom range: focal length = 4.2 to 55mm (35mm equivalent: 32.5 to 423)
  • Advanced gamma functions and eight gamma settings including two CineGammaTM modes and NewsGammaTM mode 
  • Advanced image adjustments: color matrix, detail, chroma phase, color temp, knee points
  • Two ND filters: 1/8, 1/64
  • 82mm filter diameter
  • Two P2 card slots with hot swap capability
  • Hot swap, loop, pre-record (3 seconds in HD, 7 seconds in SD), one shot, and interval recording functions 
  • Mini-DV tape transport for DV recording 
  • Internal downconversion and frame rate conversion from HD source recorded on P2 cards to Mini-DV tape 
  • 48kHz 16-bit 4-channel PCM audio (2 XLRs with phantom power) 
  • Built-in stereo microphone (unidirectional microphone optional) 
  • Audio dials and flexible input selection 
  • Analog component (Y, Pb, Pr) output
  • Composite input/output 
  • S-Video input/output
  • Standard IEEE 1394 interface
  • External recording to FOCUS FireStore FS-100 via IEEE 1394 streaming 
  • Host mode for transferring previously recorded content on P2 cards to an external hard drive via IEEE 1394
  • Compatible with nonlinear editing systems from Apple, Avid and Canopus 
  • USB 2.0
  • SD memory card slot for sharing scene files
  • Remote control for zoom, record (start/stop) 
  • Remote control for focus, iris control
  • SMPTE timecode reader/generator with timecode matching with multiple cameras via IEEE 1394
  • SMPTE color bars
  • Three programmable user buttons
  • Six pre-set scene files (user programmable) 
  • Shot marker function 
  • Slow, synchro and high speed shutter 
  • White balance with auto tracking white function 
  • Trigger and zoom control on upper handle grip 
  • Ultra-tough magnesium alloy chassis
  • Supplied accessories include CG-AD54SE/1B Lithium-Ion 7.2V / 5400mA snap-on battery, AG-B15 AC adaptor/battery charger, microphone holder, component video cables with RCA-BNC adaptors, remote control, shoulder strap and instruction manual


$5,895.00 No Storage
$6,495.00 One 4GB P2 Card
$7,095.00 Two 4GB P2 Cards
$8,995.00 Five 4GB P2 Cards