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Tools for DVD Authoring, Duplication & Printing
The Final Product
Ok, so you have finally rapped up that long edit that has been revised for the last time and the client wants 100 copies ASAP. It is important that you deliver that great video project in a quality case and printed with a high quality printer. Above all, the disk had better play perfectly in your clients DVD player and the navigation interface should look and operate like a disk right out of Hollywood. It used to be that we where pretty much finished with the creative work when the edit was complete. We just ran off some VHS dubs and stuck some labels on them and we where done. Not anymore! The encoding, authoring, burning, duplication & printing processes are nearly as complex and time consuming as the edit itself. It takes quality equipment and a lot of knowledge to make this process smooth and headache free. We strive to stay abreast of the latest technologies and tools for DVD production and assist in communicating our knowledge to our clients in simple layman's terms.

Fast, Easy & Compatible
The requirements are different for each type of production and client. What may be the perfect set of equipment and software for one job may be overkill or inadequate for the next. Understanding the needs of our customers and the budget that they have to work with to be profitable is our expertise. Let us evaluate your current workflow and see if we can show you how you can work faster & easier.

The Future Of High Definition DVD
Just when we where getting comfortable with producing and delivering video products on DVD, the industry is ready to change, yet again. High Definition video is upon us and this year is the turning point for acquisition, post production and broadcasting. The High Definition DVD format for distribution is being introduced for purchase and production in Q2 of 2006. Again there are two technologies striving to become the next big standard, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray has been endorsed and backed by industry heavyweights Sony, Pioneer & HP. While HD-DVD is also backed by equally strong companies, Blu-Ray seems destined to succeed. All of our systems will be equipped with a Blu-Ray DVD burner as of Q3 2006. It will be an option on all systems up until then based on availability. Pioneer is leading the way with the release of the worlds first Blu-Ray DVD burner (BDR-101A) for integration into a computer as well as a Recorder (BDR-1000) and Player (BDP-1000) for the home or office. All of the industry manufacturers are also ready to release their units as well. Get ready, the next big wave is ready to hit shore. We can help you handle the decision process of migrating to HD in phases that are both affordable and practical.

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