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Hardware Tools For Creative Professionals
Quality Hardware = High Performance
Hardware components are the vehicles that run software and provide data storage and processing power. The computer system is just one component amongst many that provides the functionality to produce creative media products. The three main hardware components that are integrated into a video production suite are, 1) the computer system. 2) Hard disk storage. 3) Media input/output (I/O) device. While the cost of these components vary greatly, the general rule is that the higher the cost, the higher the performance and quality. However, this does not mean that you should necessarily buy the most expensive equipment that you can afford. We can help you decide on exactly the right hardware combination to meet your needs now and in the future.

Time = Money
Hardware tools such as computer systems and special processing units provide the calculation horsepower to render and produce rich media products. These components are the key to producing the final product quickly. The speed of these components are evolving all the time and you can bet on needing a newer set of hardware components on a regular basis. Typically, this has been every two to three years. Our philosophy is to assist you in achieving your goals affordably.

Knowledge = Wisdom
With the hundreds of hardware products available today it is hard to choose the right components. We have compiled a partial list of some of the greatest hardware components for the video production industry. Our expert advice will assist your next buying decision. They are divided into four categories. Video I/O, Storage, Displays & Audio.

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