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Software Tools For Creative Professionals
Knowledge = Success
Software is at the center of any creative professionals toolset. It allows the transfer of the imagination into a visible product such as a TV commercial, a magazine ad or even a feature film. Software is the most valuable investment made when purchasing creative tools. Over time it is the knowledge that is acquired by using software that empowers creative professionals with success.

Time = Money
Hardware tools such as computer systems that run software get faster each year and are the foundation that software requires to exist. Think of the computer system as the engine for the creative tools. The engine can be replaced with a faster engine anytime to increase software performance and increase productivity.

Quality = No Regrets
With the thousands of software products available today it is hard to choose the right tools. We have compiled a partial list of some of the greatest software tools for the video production industry. They are divided into four categories. Editing, Encoding, Compositing & 3D Animation.

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