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High Definition Digital Video Systems For Graphics Design, Post Production, Media Encoding, Duplication & Distribution.

3D Stereoscopic Systems for Scientific, Medical, Military, Industrial, Corporate, Home Theater & Entertainment.


Edius 6 & VisTitle 1.5

November 2010 Grass Valley has released Edius 6. With a refined interface, 10bit HQx intermediary codec, powerful 3D Layout tool, Multi-Point masking tool, user defined project size and the ability to Edit Anything! VisTitle may be the best titler ever for an NLE and it is only for Edius users. The new VisTitle version 1.5 is now out for Edius 6.  See our special promo below

User Swappable RAID Storage

While HD storage requirements are huge, even our entry level HD editing system comes with 6TB of RAID storage. All of our systems utilize user swappable tray-less drive bays. No more copying data to an external USB/Firewire hard drive to free up space. Just swap out the array. Some of our customers are just dedicating a set of drives to a particular job or client.

Double Duty Data Protection

A great feature that we offer on some of our systems is RAID 6 dual disk parity redundant media storage. For those with disk arrays with eight or more hard drives, RAID 6 offers the ultimate in data protection. It is similar to RAID 5 in that it protects your data in the event of a hard drive failure, but goes one beyond that to offer data protection in the event a second drive fails, even before you resolve or restored the array from the first drive failure. Now that's data protection!
Optional on all our eXtream series workstations.

Limited Time Special Offer

Edius 6 Upgrade & VisTitle Group Buy

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Deadline is December 11th 2010!
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Our expert service and support separate us from the competition. In fact, we almost always provide on-site delivery, installation and our signature hands on basic training.

This highly acclaimed personal service is now being offered nationwide.

Remote log in support is the latest technology for performing diagnostic and maintenance services as well as training. All done securely via your broadband internet service.

Give us a call and allow us to demonstrate this service for you. You will save time and money.

Authorized by Grass Valley, Avid, Adobe, VideoStar International, Sony, Blackmagic Design and Many Others.

Not An “Off The Shelf” PC

Based on the latest multi-core CPU technology from Intel and utilizing components not found in mainstream PC’s, we achieve performance levels far exceeding the mere baseline requirements for editing HD video. In fact, most of our clients report system performance that far exceeds anything they have seen or used before. Feel free to ask them!

Experience a new level of personal service, system performance and reliability from the experts at on your next system.

We would be honored to present our systems and services at your regional Videographer's Association meetings. Just ask!

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